Lian Bell

Set Designer

Lian graduated with a BA Hons in Drama and Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin, an MA in Scenography from Central St. Martins, London, and has also studied Visual Arts Practice at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.For over 15 years Lian has worked as a set designer, arts manager, and artistic collaborator with some of the most significant arts organisations and contemporary performance makers in Ireland. 

Lian graduated with a BA Hons in Drama and Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin, an MA in Scenography from Central St. Martins, London, and has also studied Visual Arts Practice at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. For over 15 years Lian has worked as a set designer, arts manager, and artistic collaborator with some of the most significant arts organisations and contemporary performance makers in Ireland.

Her interest is in contemporary, devised performance and dance where she can help form part of a collaborative creative team. She has worked with artists including Louise White, The Corn Exchange, Moonfish Theatre, junk ensemble, Brokentalkers and Rebecca Walter of Catapult Dance. Many of these performances were site-specific, including a busy city junction, a disused doll factory, and the tower of St. Anne’s Church in Cork city. Her designs have been seen across Ireland, and in the UK, USA Spain and Poland.

Lian was Exhibition Coordinator for Ireland’s first exhibit at the Prague Quadrennial 2007. She was Project Manager of the Stage and Screen Design Ireland website for Irish Theatre Institute in 2015, and is a member of the Advisory Committee of IETM international network for the contemporary performing arts.

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