Stage Left was born out of ISPD’s commitment to engage with our membership during the pandemic. We started reimagining ways in which we could translate online the spirit of our annual conferences and other in-person events – which also acted as gatherings and built a sense of community – with a project that could inspire, educate and bring the community of designers together.

These in-person events were also an opportunity to create discussion among designers, collaborators, and the sector at large, while exploring the future of design, and Stage Left was conceived to continue those conversations.

The themes covered in the podcast are diverse, offering insights into the designers’ world(s), their processes, collaborative approaches, and their different experiences, as well as new perspectives on technology, and discussions on topics relevant to the time, such as the impact of COVID-19 on the sector.

Thus, each Stage Left episode covers different aspects of scenography and its processes, with designers from all disciplines at a variety of stages in their careers.

On a practical note, we obtained some funding support from the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland to cover the basic costs and pay a symbolic amount to participants. As we did not have any infrastructure and we were confined, all the episodes were recorded over Zoom, which sometimes affects the sound quality given that we were dependent on internet connections. Still, we believe that the conversations are worth a listen and we are grateful to all those that contributed with their time, knowledge and experience to the success of this humble project, which was the forerunner of sKēnographia Masterclasses.

We hope you enjoy them!

Sound Design with Sinéad Diskin, Isaac Gibson and Peter Power

Sinéad, Peter and Isaac talk about the challenges of creating a sound experience for live-streaming as opposed to a theatre. As well about their experiences in theatre, where sound design has been, in general, brought in very late in the process, and the difficulties this entails at many levels.

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Costume Design with Saileóg O’Halloran, Enda Kenny and Peter O’Brien

Saileóg, Enda and Peter share with us their different career journeys and talk about the importance of knowing all the aspects and roles involved in costume design, the significance of developing a trusting relationship with actors, and the collaborative nature of the craft.

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The Impact of Covid-19 with Liam Doona and Ger Clancy

Liam Doona and Ger Clancy share deep reflections on how the pandemic has affected the sector in multiple ways, as well as evidencing the precariousness in the industry and related mental health issues.

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Designing for Stage vs Designing for Screen with Kathy Strachan and Ferdia Murphy

In this episode Costume Designer Kathy Strachan and Production Designer Ferdia Murphy talk about the differences between designing for stage and for screen, debunking a good few myths.

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Designing for Theatre vs Dance & Opera with Sabine Dargent, Tom Lane and Sinéad McKenna

This episode focuses on the differences between Designing for Theatre, Dance or Opera, featuring Set and Costume Designer Sabine Dargent, Composer and Sound designer Tom Lane, and Lighting Designer Sinéad McKenna.

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The Impact of COVID-19 with Ciarán Bagnall and Tracey Lindsay in conversation with Niall Rea

Lighting and Set Designer Ciarán Bagnall, and Set Designer Tracey Lindsay, in conversation with Niall Rea, talk about the impact of COVID in live performance, among other insightful topics related to scenography.

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Designers and Directors with Sarah Bacon and Caitríona McLaughlin

This episode focuses on the creative/collaborative process between a designer and a director, featuring set, costume and production designer Sarah Bacon, and director Caitríona McLaughlin, current Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre.

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Lighting Design with Sarah Jane Shiels, Bill Woodland and John Gunning

This podcast focuses on Lighting Design and its processes featuring Sarah Jane Shiels, Bill Woodland and John Gunning.

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