The Irish Society of Performance Designers is the representative body of scenographers in Ireland, a professional organisation run by designers for designers. The society celebrates, advocates, promotes, and supports scenographers at all stages of their careers by acting as an advocating entity, a national and international networking hub, and a showcasing and resource hub.

ISPD fosters designers’ visibility as vital key players in the theatre and arts ecosystem, while championing diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability.

ISPD represented Ireland at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 and 2023.

The society was formed in 2017 as the Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers (ISSSD) through the auspices of Irish Theatre Institute (ITI), which provided a breadth of knowledge and experience crucial to the firm foundation of ISSSD.

ITI’s continuing support, coupled with that of our expanding membership, is undoubtedly a major asset to ISPD in achieving its stated aims and developing further initiatives in the future.

In 2022 it was decided by democratic vote among ISPD’s membership to change the name of the society to Irish Society of Performance Designers, to reflect better the nature of our membership while encompassing and representing all the professions within scenography.

Performance Designers living and working in Ireland have consistently voiced the need for support from an organisation dedicated to their interests. ISPD offers that support.

Together, we work hard to provide resources that support and advocate for performance designers, and the theatre sector at large. We aim to nurture talent and community, while fostering collaboration, cross-disciplinarity, innovation, accessibility and inclusivity.

Our Core Values:  Advocacy 


ISPD strives to raise the profile and recognition of the wide range of professions within scenography, advocating for the fair pay and remuneration of performance designers

Excellence & Innovation

ISPD sets standards for visual rigour and best practices, while aiming to deliver the highest possible value for its membership


ISPD strives to treat everybody fairly, equitably, and respectfully, and to manage its affairs in a transparent and responsible manner


ISPD is committed to environmental, social, and human sustainability, championing inclusive, accessible and diverse environments


ISPD Aims are:

  • To become an invaluable professional resource for its members.
  • To be acknowledged as the principal representative body of performance designers in Ireland.
  • To be recognised as the primary contact in Ireland for communications from the international scenographic community.
  • To seek affiliation to/membership of apposite national organisations.
  • To seek affiliation to/membership of apposite international organisations.
  • To forge links with educational institutions in Ireland offering relevant design programmes.
  • To organise a national exhibition of Performance Design with a view to having a presence at the Prague Quadrennial.
  • To expand the understanding and appreciation of design within the broader professional practice of performance design production.
  • To highlight the achievements of Irish Performance Designers both nationally and internationally.
  • To promote the professions of performance design in a wider social and educational context.