This research project is funded by The Arts Council Capacity Building Scheme Award 2023 and presented in partnership with Theatre Forum and IAST.

We are delighted to have our first in-person focus group  for the Tungsten to LED Project on Wednesday 29.05.2024 at 12.30pm at The Model, Sligo, as part of Performing Arts Forum Sligo Gathering.

Lighting designers Kevin Smith, Sarah Jane Shiels, and Sinéad Wallace have been leading the research to get a picture of how the industry is coping with the movement towards adopting LED units and intelligent fixtures across the island of Ireland.

To date, they have circulated surveys to technical managers, production managers, lighting technicians, and lighting designers. They are in the process of collating the responses, and they would like to share this information with our peers and further the conversation.

After presenting a summary of the responses to the surveys and identifying the main talking points in the online forum on 09.05.2024, they are making a presentation to venues and producers at Performing Arts Forum Sligo Gathering.

Initial Purposes:

⎯ Identify manufacturers/suppliers that provide good quality products, along with maintenance & insurance;

⎯ Consider the best equipment in terms of being efficient for both dynamic gig designs & subtle theatres shows — ideally there should be a consensus across venues as to what types of units they choose, which will help cut down on hire-costs for touring shows, while maintaining the integrity of different designs;

⎯ Offer advice on future planning as the advancements in technology will require venues to update – and at times replace – their lighting stock on a schedule quite different to the current model;

⎯ Identify the type of training that will be required by designers & technicians to implement the new LED equipment;

⎯ Offer recommendations to the relevant authorities towards future sustainable steps in the transition to LED lighting.

For the initial research stage, Kevin, Sarah Jane and Sinéad have developed three different surveys: one for Venues, one for Designers, and one for Production Managers, Chief LX, Programmers and Lighting Technicians.

We would appreciate if you could fill out the survey that is relevant to you below. Just click on the relevant image and the survey will open in a new tab/window. 

Thanks in advance for your help. If you have any questions, please email us at tungstenledtransition[at]

Tungsten to LED Transition Research Project

This project is presented in association with Theatre Forum and IAST (Irish Association of Stage Technicians)

Funded by The Arts Council Capacity Building Support Scheme 2023.