Curators are invited to submit a proposal.
This must be received by noon on Monday 28 March 2022

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ISSSD seeks expressions of interest from Curators who wish to present an exhibition to represent Ireland at PQ 2023 responding to the theme RARE.

  • Expressions of interest should include a one page concept (approx. 500 words) which speaks to the PQ Curatorial vision RARE: art springing out of ideas, materials, artistic approaches, and design practices that connect at human level.  The concept should also include how contemporary Irish design for performance can be represented in a bold, energetic, compelling and vital way at PQ 2023.
  • The ambition of the proposal should be high.  It should reflect the scale of the opportunity, and the fact that the exhibition will be representing Ireland on this world stage.  It should aim to build on the high standard of previous exhibitions in Prague.
  • It is a requirement that the exhibit tour in Ireland in 2023 for the benefit of Irish audiences before or after the Prague presentation. Consideration should be given to this tour in the development of proposals.
  • Expressions of interest should include an outline of engagement with Irish Performance Designers and membership of the Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers the outcomes of which will influence and impact the presentation of Ireland PQ 2023.
  • Curators must demonstrate the appropriate level of knowledge and skill to manage and deliver an exhibition of the scale that represents Ireland in Prague in 2023 and is appropriate to tour in Ireland.
  • Curators must demonstrate the expertise and experience to assemble a team which can deliver the exhibition at all levels, including artistic, public facing, logistical, and financial.
  • Submissions are invited from scenographers, producers, directors and/or from any practitioner who has a strong, bold and inspiring vision for representing Irish performance design.
  • Submissions must identify the Artistic Curator and Producer who will lead the delivery of the exhibition identified in the proposal and must be Irish or working on the island of Ireland.
  • Submissions must include a one page summary of how the concept will be delivered logistically nationally and at PQ.
  • Submissions must take environmental factors into consideration including carbon footprint.  ISSSD encourages submissions and concepts which result in minimal carbon footprint.

Submissions are welcome from:

  • Artists who can be Artistic Curators or Scenographers, who propose a strong artistic concept and who are the team lead, responsible for all aspects of PQ including full team assembly, finances, logistical delivery
  • Producers who propose an artistic concept and the engagement of the Artistic Curator / Artists, who take responsibility for delivery of all aspects of PQ
  • A duo of Artistic Curator and Producer who are individuals who propose to work together and between them, organise all aspects of PQ


  1. Applicants must submit no more 5 x A4 pages in PDF format outlining their ideas, approach and capacity to deliver a presentation of Irish design using the platform of the Prague Quadrennial and a National Exhibition.  All the criteria listed in the previous pages should be explicitly addressed and the key team members should be identified.  The application must be accompanied by key team biographies.The submission should include:
    1. 1 page artistic concept/vision (approx. 500 words)
    2. 1 page description of logistical delivery (approx. 500 words)
    3. Sketch/outline budget
    4. Image to represent concept
    5. Biography of Curators with a minimum one artistic (eg. Artistic Curator / Scenographer / Artist) and one Managerial (eg. Producer)

    Applicants should submit their proposals by email to by 12.00 noon on Monday 28 March.


    A panel of experts drawn from Ireland’s arts community, one international practitioner and one representative from Northern Ireland, will review and assess submissions.

    The Submission process will be managed for ISSSD by field:arts.