The Prop Building Guidebook by Erick Hart

November 2023 - Now in its third edition, The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film, and TV walks readers through…

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Open Call: Assistant Costume Designer at The Everyman

This Open Call is for one Costume Designer in the early stages of their career to assist Catherine Fay in the creation…

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The Next Four Years Film

Curated by Tom Creed The Next Four Years is a speculative retrospective of Irish performance design and scenography in…

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Sound Design with Sinéad Diskin, Isaac Gibson and Peter Power

Sinéad, Peter and Isaac talk about the challenges of creating a sound experience for live-streaming as opposed to a…

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Costume Design with Saileóg O’Halloran, Enda Kenny and Peter O’Brien

Saileóg, Enda and Peter share with us their different career journeys and talk about the importance of knowing all the…

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Designing for Stage vs Designing for Screen with Kathy Strachan and Ferdia Murphy

In this episode Costume Designer Kathy Strachan and Production Designer Ferdia Murphy talk about the differences…

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Designing for Theatre vs Dance & Opera with Sabine Dargent, Tom Lane and Sinéad McKenna

This episode focuses on the differences between Designing for Theatre, Dance or Opera, featuring Set and Costume…

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The Impact of COVID-19 with Ciarán Bagnall and Tracey Lindsay in conversation with Niall Rea

Lighting and Set Designer Ciarán Bagnall, and Set Designer Tracey Lindsay, in conversation with Niall Rea, talk about…

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Designers and Directors with Sarah Bacon and Caitríona McLaughlin

This episode focuses on the creative/collaborative process between a designer and a director, featuring set, costume…

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Lighting Design with Sarah Jane Shiels, Bill Woodland and John Gunning

This podcast focuses on Lighting Design and its processes featuring Sarah Jane Shiels, Bill Woodland and John Gunning.

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