We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded an Arts Council Capacity Building Scheme 2022  to implement our four-year Strategic Plan, build a new website, and commission a groundbreaking report on a sustainable model for props storage!


Strategic Plan

The award allows us to re-engage the services of Tríona Ní Dhuibhir. Tríona was engaged by the Society through the Capacity Building Support Scheme 2021 to work on a Strategic Plan & Implementation Plan for PQ. Her engagement in 2023/2023 will involve:

a) Strategic Plan Rollout

b) Roadmap for Advocacy

c) Governance

d) Change of Name from ISSSD to ISPD: administrative implementation process

e) Administrative Growth

f) Engagement Team PQ 2023


Green Arts Report

Aisling Mooney proposes to conduct a feasibility study on a sustainable model for prop management and storage, given the increasing demand for props for Theatre, Film, Advertising & Events. Notably, it is becoming incredibly difficult to:

a) Source good quality pieces

b) Store and keep props, set dressing & small furniture.

The cost of storage facilities / the lack of available space means that much material goes to landfill. Besides, at the moment, props are regularly bought from abroad and shipped to Ireland, leaving a large carbon footprint. Furthermore, this often involves long delays from the UK since Brexit, sometimes not even making it to Ireland in time for the show.

Would a central managed facility meet its own costs? What are the models available elsewhere?

The study will determine the next steps to a more sustainable prop management resource for the industry in Ireland.

All this with the fantastic support of Irish Theatre Institute, that will provide in kind administrative support and guidance in best practices and standards on working conditions and resources.


New Website

Ahead of PQ 2023 & the National Exhibition, it is vital to have a bespoke website to support both exhibitions online.

Our current website is outdated & non-responsive. It was created for PQ 2019 as an online portfolio of Ireland’s exhibition but it does not fit the needs of the society any longer.