We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded an Arts Council Capacity Building Scheme. This is a milestone for the society as it will ensure its consolidation and continuity.

The award allows us to engage the services of Tríona Ní Dhuibhir, who will develop a transparent organisational architecture that rotating committees can adhere to. This will include a mission statement, clarification of purpose, distillation of values and a practical framework for the general running of the society, and the delivery of the annual conference, and the national and international exhibitions.

Besides, Noelia Ruiz will develop a communications strategy to raise ISSSD’s profile and Irish scenography nationally and internationally; developing further rapport with national and international relevant organisations, second and third level institutions and funding bodies, as well as developing a training roadmap for our membership with hybrid resources for upskilling and re-skilling — this will be designed in close collaboration with ISSSD’s committee and in consultation with our members.

Finally, the award allows the society to hire the services of Peter Daly as an accountant.

All this with the fantastic support of Irish Theatre Institute, that will provide in kind administrative support and guidance in best practices and standards on working conditions and resources.