We are delighted to announce that our 2024 Arts Grant Funding application was successful and the society has been awarded €116,000 (out of a request of €149,200).

This will allow us to keep on projects such as SkĒNOGRAPHIA and COFFEE / WINE SPILLS. But, more importantly, to implement four new projects. The overall set of projects is branded as #DesignMatters and it is meant to highlight the importance of design in the performing arts, enhance designers’ visibility, offer opportunities to explore and promote the profession via cross-pollination project that also raise standards in the sector at large. We believe these are all important building blocks towards advocating for our craft and our working conditions.

  1. Assistant Designer Programme. Presented in association with the Abbey Theatre, The Everyman, the Gate Theatre, and Irish National Opera, the programme aims to develop career opportunities, creativity, an understanding of the relationships involved in the collaborative process of a large-scale production, and a working methodology/process. The programme offers a bursary for the selected candidates, and there will be open calls for a total of four assistant designers throughout 2024 – one for each of these organisations. We will keep you posted!
  1. Another exciting project is Explore Design, presented in association with Irish Theatre Institute, supported by Project Arts Centre, and curated by Pamela McQueen. This is a Mentorship Programme for seven emerging Playwrights & Theatre-Makers to work with established designers and explore theatre-making from a design perspective. The programme includes a session with a production and a stage manager to consider the practical aspects of implementing design ideas.
  1. As promised since we started with COFFEE & WINE SPILLS as a pilot project in Dublin, we have also secured funding to run them nationwide along with Join the Dots a series of informal gatherings facilitated by Lian Bell. These informal networking events are for designers as well as other professionals in the sector such as directors, choreographers, producers, production managers, etc. We would be very grateful if you could fill out this short survey so we can assess how to conduct these gatherings in the best possible way… so you can all take part in them!
  1. Last but not least, SkĒNOFEST! This will be our first symposium since 2018. Presented in association with Project Arts Centre and supported by Irish Theatre Institute, it will comprise panels, workshops, Pecha-Kucha presentations, an exhibition, and a final performance to showcase design, which should be fun!