Photography: Ros Kavanagh

Jack Phelan is a video artist and filmmaker with many years experience producing moving images for stage, screen and beyond. His background in computer science and general ease with technology has helped him navigate/ignore the promise/threat of the singularity; and make fun stuff along the way too of course.

Jack Phelan

In a world where film is based on theatre and theatre on film, where theatre can be on screen and computer game become hit TV show, where something called the Metaverse can be born and die within a year, an endless feedback loop has formed - its ends tightly sealed together like an edit on a virtual Steenbeck editing machine. This is Definitely Real celebrates the formation of this loop by giving you a short piece of content that is part theatre, part film, part game. At forty-two percent real, fifty-nine percent virtual and one-hundred percent fun, This is Definitely Real will make you want to watch it over and over again.