Photography: Ros Kavanagh

Ciarán Bagnall is the Creative Director for Prime Cut Productions, Belfast. He trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff and was made a fellow of the College in 2017. He is an international award-winning lighting and set designer with over 25 years experience in theatre design.

Ciarán Bagnall

Luma is a filmed four hour time-lapse of a burning candle. The single lumen. The four hours representing the standard four hour call within a production week. The candle as a metaphor for the rigour of the creative process.

I’m fascinated by our perception of time, and how light can enforce, support and challenge our senses within a production. Within a standard lighting cue we use two different timings to control the speed of the lighting cue. An UP time and a DOWN time. The UP time is linked to any new lights coming up into the lighting state and the DOWN time relating to any lights going out or down within the same cue. As lighting designers we can control this relationship with infinite possibilities. The UP time of the new thought. The new idea. The DOWN time of the previous, the past. The relationship between the two. Their co-existence within one single cue.