This is a mentorship programme funded by The Arts Council Arts Grant Funding 2024, presented by ISPD in partnership with Irish Theatre Institute, and supported by Project Arts Centre.

What is Explore Design?

Explore Design is a mentorship programme connecting award-winning designers with seven emerging playwrights and theatre-makers, fostering design thinking and scenography skills in their practice. 

If you value the visual impact of your project and believe stage imagery or sound is as meaningful as spoken words, this is the opportunity for you.

Curated by Pamela McQueen, with Maree Kearns as lead designer, the programme  will introduce the core components of performance design.

Discursive seminar sessions will cover the full breadth of design tools available in performance. To that end, the programme includes designers from all disciplines and aesthetic styles, who will each give a group session. It also includes a session with a production manager and a stage manager to contemplate the practical aspects of implementing design ideas.

Designers and Other Creatives


Mags Mulvey


Joan O’Clery


Zia Bergin-Holly


Maree Kearns & Owen Boss (two separate sessions)


Carl Kennedy

Stage Manager

Sophie Flynn

Production Manager

Lisa Mahony

Explore Design Mentorship Programme

Explore Design is  funded by The Arts Council Arts Grant Funding 2024

It is presented in partnership with Irish Theatre Institute and supported by Project Arts Centre